From the pristine arctic waters of the North Atlantic, Chitosan (ky-to-san), a pure naturally occurring biocompatible polysaccharide, is extracted from freshly harvested shrimp shells. 

Chitosan has natural wet adhesion properties that firmly bind to mucosal tissue, red blood cells and platelets for rapid control of low to high bleeding volume.  The Chitosan used by Tricol Biomedical has been shown though clinical studies to be non-allergenic even in individuals with known hypersensitivity to shell fish. 

Tricol Biomedical (formerly HemCon) was the first company to manufacture chitosan into a bandage for field treatment of severe battlefield wounds.  Funded in 2001 with the support of the U.S. Army, Tricol Biomedical has developed advanced, unique formulations of chitosan along with proprietary lyophilization (freeze-drying) techniques that give superior bleeding control. 

Our technical know-how applies to a wide range of proprietary and patent protected Chitosan products that address the varying needs of healthcare professionals. 

We work to develop products that make a difference in cardiology, radiology, surgery, trauma and chronic wounds.

Tricol Biomedical, Inc. is a US company incorporated in the State of Oregon.


Our vision is to leverage our patent protected, proprietary material and technology to achieve zero preventable deaths due to blood loss.


To provide positive outcomes, through antibacterial properties and rapid clotting with our superior Chitosan and Oxidised Cellulose materials and technology for consumers and patients worldwide suffering from surgical, trauma or chronic wounds.


Tricol Biomedical is a world leader in advanced chitosan and oxidized cellulose research and development. We’re dedicated to expanding our technologies, platforms, and applications to continue to improve and save lives around the globe. We develop, manufacture, and market innovative technologies in advanced wound care, hemorrhage control, and wound management. We have also expanded the use of our chitosan technology to over-the-counter applications and offer dental dressings for oral wounds and oral surgeries.

Tricol Biomedical (formerly HemCon) was originally established in 2001 on one simple premise: save and improve lives. With an initial foundation in chitosan-based hemostatic solutions, the company has evolved into a global medical products company encompassing a variety of innovative technologies, platforms, and products that serve the acute care, military, interventional cardiology/radiology and consumer medical markets.