Mat Nor, et al.

Abstract  and poster presented at ECR2013, Austria, March 2013 (C-1014).  

Prospective cross sectional study with a total of 80 patients undergoing diagnostic (68) or interventional (12) angiographic procedures. Time to hemostasis was significant shorter with the HemCon™ pad by 53% compared to the conventional manual compression. 

This device may save the time for physician and the cost for hospital. Study showed that HemCon pad is a safe and more effective device than gauze pad to secure hemostasis post femoral artery puncture. It is also more cost effective as compared to the expensive Arterial Puncture Closing Devices and easy to apply (does not require skilled personnel). Its usage is encouraged in institutions where angiograms are performed frequently. Furthermore, this device can contribute to patient comfort, reduce the time to compression, and promise to a planned discharge.

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