Tactical Medical Solutions
Ph: 888.822.6331
[email protected]

North American Rescue Products
Ph: 888.689.6277
Fax: 864.675.9880
[email protected]

Chinook Medical Gear
Ph: 800.766.1365
Fax: 970.375.6343

Rescue Essentials
Ph: 719-539-4843
[email protected]

Ekla Corporation
670 W. 5th Ave, Suite 120
Naperville, IL 60154
Ph: 800.328.4215
Fax: 866.715.3652

Everready First Aid
Ph: (718) 495-4600
[email protected]
[email protected]

Black Box Safety Inc.
Ph: (866) 217-8187
[email protected]

Bound Tree Medical
Ph: 800.533.0523
Fax: 800.257.5713

Cardinal Health
Ph: 614.757.5000

Heritage Supply Inc.
Ph: 740.653.0942
Fax: 740.653.9906

HemCon works directly with the Department of Defense to offer our products through the use of NSN numbers for easier order processing. Please contact sales directly for NSN orders.

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