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To enable anyone to learn more about our products, we’ve compiled a collection of resources including published journal articles and abstracts, case studies, training materials, information on our products’ mechanism of action and infection control capabilities, and more.

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How HemCon® Dressings Work

HemCon Dressings are made from chitosan, a naturally occurring, biocompatible polysaccharide extracted from shrimp shells

Product Training

The proper use of a product will lead to greater efficacy. Here are tutorials and videos to provide guidance

Published Journal Articles & Abstracts

Publications featuring HemCon® dressings in new applications and studies around the world

Antibacterial Properties of Chitosan:

Lyophilized chitosan HemCon® PRO Family

Antibacterial barrier effects of the HemCon Bandage and Patch family

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Gauze based chitosan HemCon® PRO Family

Antibacterial properties of GuardaCare® PRO and ChitoGauze® PRO

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