Chitosan-Based Products

HemCon® PRO hemostatic products possess hemostatic activity that results from strong polycationic (positive) charge from the incorporated HemCon PRO chitosan. This positive charge correspondingly promotes binding with biopolymers, tissues and cells possessing inherent negative charge. Such negatively charged biopolymers, tissues & cells include other polysaccharides, proteins, oral mucosa, injured tissue surfaces, red blood cells, platelets, bacteria and viruses. 

HemCon PRO hemostatic product application results in rapid adherence to, and sealing of, injured tissue; promotion of clotting independent of the clotting cascade; and demonstrated antibacterial effectiveness within the dressing against a wider range of microorganisms*

*The clinical utility of these results is unknown.

Enabling Hemostasis and the Natural Coagulation Pathway

Hemostatic HemCon PRO dressings from Tricol Biomedical quickly enable hemostasis and allow the body to naturally journey through the coagulation pathway in order to clot.  

Working independently of the clotting cascade, the HemCon dressing forms a tight, frontline and supportive seal when in contact with blood. The dressing quickly stems blood loss and allows the patient to gain the critical time needed to reach care or allow the coagulation pathway to be effective.


Journey to Coagulation

Trauma → Bleeding →  HemCon® Dressing →  Sealed wound →  Coagulation Pathway


Stages of Hemostasis

  • Bleeding occurs due to wound or puncture
  • HemCon® dressing is applied with direct pressure
  • When in contact with blood, the dressing forms a tight, supportive “first seal” that serves as an effective barrier  to control localized bleeding.
  • This supportive, primary seal allows the body to effectively activate the coagulation pathway, initially forming organized platelets.
  • The HemCon® dressing is designed to maintain its seal and serve. As a support structure as these platelets continue to aggregate, the body proceeds with its natural clotting process.

m.doc® Products

The m.doc (micro-dispersed oxidized cellulose) HemCon products, unlike our chitosan-based products, work within the clotting cascade.

m.doc activates the intrinsic pathway of the clotting cascade by interacting with individual coagulation enzymes and activating clot formation (specifically FXII). m.doc also activates platelets and forms a soft, gel-like matrix (scab) above the wound which prevents clots from washing away and promotes the clotting process. In addition, it provides a structural scaffold through a gel “plug” formation, which causes physical retardation of blood flow and absorbs fluid and provides a surface for proteins and cells to adhere to and interact with.