HemCon Patch PRO

HemCon Patch® PRO is a non-invasive vascular closure patch designed to be used following femoral access diagnostic and interventional heart catheterizations.

    • Cost effective: Lower cost than other alternatives.
    • Less hands-on time: Shortens compression time for both diagnostic and interventional cases
    • Fast hemostasis and ambulation: Controls severe bleeding quickly; suggested ambulation protocol is 2 hours.
    • Dependable: Maintains structural integrity; creates a strong clot.
    • Safe: Works independently of the clotting cascade; provides an antibacterial barrier.

For more information about how HemCon Patch PRO has improved direct pressure and ambulation protocols click here

HemCon ChitoPulse

ChitoPulse™ Radial Hemostatic Patch is a revolutionary new device in the HemCon product family. Recently cleared by the FDA, ChitoPulse combines the benefits of traditional radial compression bands with the power of HemCon hemostatic technology.

    • Cost effective: Supports cost savings initiatives with competitive price point and dependable results.
    • Fast hemostasis: Applies localized mechanical pressure with an adjunct chitosan patch to promote hemostasis
    • Dependable: Designed to support radial artery patency with ideal pressure; balloon retains inflation.
    • Easy to Use: Familiar look and feel; follow standard protocol for radial compression bands. 
    • Safe: Allows gradual release of compression as hemostasis occurs; provides a barrier against bacterial penetration.

HemCon ChitoPulse™

Available 2018