Presented at AnnualĀ AssociationĀ for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology APIC
Antimicrobial and Hemostatic Performance of a Novel CHG-based IV Dressing
Summary: The primary objective of this study was to demonstrate that the GuardIVa Antimicrobial hemostatic IV Dressing actively suppresses the re-growth of skin microflora following skin preparation. Secondary objective were to report the antimicrobial efficacy, hemostatic efficacy and tissue healing effects of GuardIVa.

Presented at 56th Congress of the Japanese Society for Hemodialysis Therapy
Summary: This study examined time to hemostasis with the HemCon Strip by selecting 6 patients with AV Fistula and coagulopathy. Before implementing the use of Strip compression times ranged from 15-60 minutes, once the Strip was employed that time was reduced to 2 minutes.

The American Surgeon
Hemostatic Dressing Reduce Touniquet Time While Maintaining Hemorrhage Control
Summary: This case studied the efficacy of a tourniquet in conjunction with a hemostatic dressing. 5 hemostatic agents were compared; standard gauze, HemCon, ActCel, Celox, and QuikClot. Standard gauze had 100% failure rate, Celox was effective 60%, Quikclot was 80%, ActCel was 90%, and HemCon was successful and maintained hemostasis 100% of the time.