Oozawa S., et al.

J Vasc Med Surg 2014, 1:125.

Prospective, randomized study comparing the efficacy of the HemConTM pad to that of manual compression for peripheral artery puncture in peripheral artery disease. Study was set up as a prospective single center study, with investigation in 50 consecutive patients undergoing interventional procedures for peripheral artery disease.

Successful hemostasis following sheath removal was reduced by 53% compared to the conventional manual compression without complications. In duplex ultrasound examination, there were no thromboses in access site artery.

It was concluded, The HemConTM pad (HemCon Patch PRO) is effective at decreasing average time to hemostasis. This device may save the time for physician and the cost for hospital. Furthermore, this device can contribute to patient comfort, reduce the time to compression, and promise to a planned discharge.

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