Phishing Email Notice

On December 5th, 2018, Tricol Biomedical distributed the following message to our customers through email. The email contained information about  incidences of fraudulent emails that appear to come from Tricol Biomedical representatives. The notice was sent from the email address [email protected]


Dear Valued Tricol Partner,

This email is to inform you of recent incidences of fraudulent emails that appear to come from Tricol Biomedical representatives. Please read this email thoroughly and retain it for future reference, to ensure that you are fully aware of how to handle such emails and how to know if communication from Tricol Biomedical is legitimate. You can also confirm the authenticity of this notice by reading it on our website:

You may have received an email that appears to be from Tricol Biomedical with subject matter of “Urgent Request”, “Outstanding Payment”, or other similar “urgent” issues. These messages may be written as if they have come from current employees, past employees, or even from people who have never been Tricol employees but use Tricol or HemCon branding or contact information. They may include directions to click a link within the email or email an employee at a personal email address to discuss an urgent matter.

These messages are not sent by Tricol Biomedical and are not associated with Tricol Biomedical or its operations. They are a form of online fraud known as phishing attacks. We are currently investigating and seeking a solution to this issue.

Tricol Biomedical does not solicit demands for payment or inform customers of urgent issues in this manner, as we have standard procedures for how we interact with customers, regardless of the subject matter, and established points of contact for particular processes, such as payment requests and business development. Legitimate emails from Tricol Biomedical will only be sent from email addresses ending with the web domain If you’re unsure if an email is legitimate, always feel free to reach out to any of our team members that you routinely interact with, or email our customer service team at [email protected].

If you receive a phishing email that appears to come from Tricol Biomedical: Do not click any links in the email and do not reply to the email. Before marking the email as spam and deleting it, please inform us of the email and include the original email as an attachment. It is crucial that you send the email record to us as an attachment, rather than simply forwarding the email, as this allows our IT team to investigate the origin of the email and help us find a solution to this issue.

Please know that we are committed to investigating and fixing this issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these emails cause and appreciate your understanding while we work through this. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Matt Ferguson

Director, Sales & Channel Management
Tricol Biomedical, Inc.
(formerly HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc)
[email protected]
M: 503-784-5880