HemCon Dental Dressing PRO (10 mm x 12 mm) Ships to US only


The HemCon Dental Dressing PRO, utilizing chitosan, brings new technology into your practice and offers general practitioners, periodontists, and oral surgeons an innovative solution for oral mucosal tissue wounds. Ideal for the temporary protection of oral mucosal tissue wounds and for providing pain relief, for extractions and other oral surgery procedures.

The dressings become adherent when in contact with the oral wound and provide a protective layer that can be custom cut to fit your patient’s needs. HemCon Dental Dressings provide a physical barrier to protect the wound surface, reducing pain and chair time.

Currently, HemCon Dental Dressings can only be purchased directly through our website by licensed dental/oral surgery practitioners located in the United States & Canada. If you are interested in exploring distribution options for HemCon Dental in other countries, please contact us!


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Please Note: You must be a licensed dental/medical practitioner and/or represent a licensed dental/medical facility to request a sample.

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