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Tricol Biomedical has mobilized to respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic, we have deep expertise in supply chain, regulatory and Tricol quality mask manufacturing.

For 19 years our customers have relied on us for our Regulatory Expertise and our strong and proven Supply Chain track record. This same group has been working diligently with our executives on the ground in China to ensure mask quality, proper documentation, and timely delivery.


Face Mask 7400-GP

Usage: Consumer Care
Pack Size: Bag (10 units)
Meet the requirements of EN 14683 Type IIR
Executive standard: Q/370700 XK001-2016


KN95 Respirator 7200-GP

Usage: Consumer Care
Pack Size: Bag (3 units)
Executive standard: GB2626-2006


Medical Face Mask 7400-M

Pack Size: Bag (10 units)
Meet the requirements of EN 14683 Type IIR


Success Story

1 million fully regulated face masks successfully delivered to the State of Oregon to help get the State back to work.


Our Facility


Allow us to support your purchasing, product support and clinical education needs.

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How do I place an order?

You have the ability to place an online order in our Ecommerce Store. If you are ordering in large quantities, have specific shipping requests, would like to set up an account at Tricol Biomedical or would like assistance from support in placing your order you can fill out the inquiry form or call +1 503.245.0459 to speak to a customer service rep

What are your business hours?

8am-5pm, Monday- Friday

What are the minimum order quantities?

Those numbers are delineated by product on the Ecommerce site. You can fill out the inquiry form or call at +1 503.245.0459 for more information.

We have a robust supply process to ensure we can meet the needs of our smaller and medium sized business partners and are equipped to place large stocking orders for Federal, State and Local governments and larger entities.

I would like to have a conversation with a product specialist, how do I make contact?

The best way is to fill out the inquiry form and we will route your request to the individual who can best answer your questions

I will need Certifications for the product ordered. How do Iin that? obta

We can route you to a Product Specialist who will be able to obtain and share the certification documentation for the product you are buying.

Where is the product shipped from?

For routine orders we will ship domestically out of either of two US based distribution centers. One is in Seattle, WA the other in Melvindale, MI. For large special order products we will source the product as appropriate from our world-wide supply chain and provide that information prior to confirming the order with you.

What are the shipping costs?

For product shipped out of stock from our US distribution centers you will be responsible for the domestic shipping and handling.  We use FedEx and ship ground unless instructed to air freight the shipment.

For custom orders coming from outside the United States we work with an array of international freight forwarders and will provide that information to you once we source your product. 

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