In todayā€™s world, we are faced with traumatic events outside of the traditional battlefield. It is important for civilians to have access to fast, reliable, and battlefield-proven bleeding control solutuions required for successful medical action. You need to be prepared for the unexpected wherever and whenever the need arises. Our products are designed to control bleeding at home, work, school, car or outdoors.


ChitoGauzeĀ® OTC

ChitoGauzeĀ® OTC is a hemostatic gauze dressing intended for temporary external use to stop bleeding in minor wounds. ChitoGauzeĀ® readily conforms to a wide range of wound profiles, allowing easy wound packing and rapid control of bleeding. The unique and proprietary chitosan is impregnated through the dressing and specifically designed to avoid particle shedding into the wound, unlike other dressings currently available.

Available Sizes & SKUs:
ā€¢ 3in x 48in (PN#1030)
ā€¢ 3in x 4yds (PN#1025)


HemConĀ® Nasal Plug (m.docĀ®)

m.doc Nasal Plugs are a polyvinyl acetal sponge with Tricolā€™s proprietary formulation of microdispersed oxidized cellulose (m.docĀ®). The Nasal Plug expands and softens to fit the nasal cavity while it absorbs blood to control anterior nose bleeding fast. Nasal plugs offer patients an easy to use, quick, comfortable and reliable solution to stop nasal bleeding without any side effects.

Available Sizes & SKUs:
ā€¢ 1.75in x 0.5in (PN#132)
ā€¢ Also available for private label packaging

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