HemCon has moved its office headquarters to downtown Portland into an innovative human centered work environment designed to foster greater connectivity between all employees, customers and stakeholders. HemCon also transitioned its manufacturing to an outsourced model in the U.S.

Full press release below HemCon Announces Strategic Facility Relocation to Support Rapid Growth and New Product Development
Implementation of a strategic plan to create a prominent medical device technology company

WESTPORT, Conn., September 3, 2014 —  HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. (“HemCon”) a leading developer and marketer of advanced medical products, announced today that they will be exclusively focusing company resources on marketing and sales, new product development and technological innovations, best of class regulatory and quality systems and upgrading all internal information systems immediately.

HemCon will be moving from its manufacturing and office headquarters where it has operated since 2003. The company is relocating to a human centered work environment designed to foster greater connectivity between all employees, customers and stakeholders. The new facility, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, will be fully equipped with an innovation center laboratory and will provide increased customer integration into new product development. The company has arranged for all manufacturing to be outsourced to certified leading medical contractors in the United States and HemCon will remain the specification developer for its life-saving hemostatic products. HemCon will maintain its existing distribution network and will continue servicing customers worldwide. The medical products made by HemCon will continue to comply with all regulatory and quality standards for both international and domestic markets.

HemCon offers a comprehensive line of hemostatic products with a proven track record that quickly control all levels of bleeding. HemCon’s proprietary technologies provide cost-effective hemostatic solutions to treat low to heavy arterial bleeding, while also offering antibacterial effectiveness within the dressings against a wide range of microorganisms. HemCon’s ability to stop bleeding at all levels of the continuum of care allows hospitals to add efficiencies to their normal practices as well as greatly reducing everyday expenses, while improving patient outcomes.

“This significant operational transformation and realignment of our strategic priorities support our defined mission to build a leading global wound care company that leverages our rich history, while allowing us to expand beyond our current products and markets.” said HemCon President and CEO, Michael Wax, “We are moving ahead towards establishing a more efficient organization capable of driving customer focused innovation.”

About HemCon Medical Technologies

HemCon Medical Technologies Inc., founded in 2001, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative technologies for hemostatic devices for the control of bleeding resulting from trauma or surgery. HemCon products are designed for use by medical professionals in hospital and clinical settings, military and civilian first responders, as well as where control of bleeding are of critical importance. New product development is directed at novel wound care treatment solutions as well as enhancing hemostasis. HemCon is headquartered in Portland, Ore. For more information, HemCon is now Tricol Biomedical please visit www.tricolbiomedical.com.