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Controlled bleeding until the EMS arrived & saved a life

"I started carrying ChitoGauze on my person approximately 3 months ago. The main reason I purchased and carry the gauze was to use on myself if I were to sustain a massive injury. Recently, I responded to a motor vehicle crash in which the victim sustained a major neck laceration. I was able to apply the ChitoGauze and direct pressure to the wound until EMS arrived and transported the individual. I was later informed that ER doctors were amazed that the individual survived as he had a severed carotid artery. The ChitoGauze seemed to work exactly as described, and I am now glad that I made this purchase. A new gauze was ordered and at my door two days later. Thank you for your quality equipment."

Deputy Patrick Esser, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

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from the article: "Deputy Patrick Esser of the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department arrived as the second squad to a one vehicle crash, Esser heard Deputy Moonen describe the driver’s injuries over the radio: “severe neck laceration.” Esser came prepared.  He used ChitoGauze hemostatic dressing. “The laceration on the victim’s neck was roughly from the front trachea area, around his right side towards the rear of his neck.  It was open by about one-and-a-half to two inches,” recalled Esser. He then packed the gauze into the injury site, using the entire roll, held pressure, and controlled the bleeding until the EMS arrived.  In fact, considering the circumstances, Esser’s efforts may have been more effective than those of the initial-arriving medical units.  The driver was transported to the Level One Trauma Center, where his severed carotid artery was discovered.  It was in the ER that the “amazed” doctors credited the saved life of the driver, to the quick thinking and response by Deputy Esser."

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