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HemCon® Bandage was a life-saving maneuver

"I was on-call for emergencies when I was asked to see this 80 year old man, who earlier in the day had undergone Moh's surgery for skin cancer on his chin by a local dermatologist," relates Dr. Ress. "The patient suffered from a rare coagulopathy, and would not create well formed clot. Standard hemostatic agents did not work for more than 24 hours before the clot would lyse and bleeding resumed." Over a 2 week period, he used GelFoam®, Thrombin®, cautery, suture ligation, Surgicel®, Avitene®. The hematologists transfused platelets and Amicar® without success. "Despite the wound area being small, he just continued to just drip, drip, drip."

"I remembered seeing a CNN report on a new hemostatic dressing used by the military in Iraq," says Dr. Ress, "but I couldn't remember the name." After speaking with pharmacist Warren Friedman in Cleveland, Dr. Ress contacted HemCon's home office in Oregon directly on a late Friday afternoon. "Everyone had already gone home except the CEO, who took my call. We discussed the patient's condition. Serendipitously it turned out that one of the national sales reps lived 5 miles from the hospital.
I met him there, practically ran to the patient's bedside, and applied the HemCon® bandage. The bleeding stopped immediately. It was like a scene from out of a movie."

"Just using this little piece of HemCon® Bandage (a 2in x 2in bandage) was a life-saving maneuver," says Ress.

Andrew Ress, M.D. – Ress Institute Plastic Surgery - Boca Raton, FL

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