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Complex Cardiac Surgery

Thank you so much for your product. My son was bleeding from an artery for 3 days following a complex cardiac surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. Fortunately they were trialing your bandage here by request of one of the nurses and my son was the recipient of one of the two remaining patches. It has been 7 hours with no bleeding. I am so amazed and thankful that I had to write in with my gratitude for your commitment to saving lives.

Darla Haskell, Fort Lauderdale, FL

UPDATE: We have recently caught up with Darla and her son Luke, who is now an energetic 16 year old young man! He has grown up so much, and is doing really well. Luke continues to be prone to bleeding and also needs occasional heart catheterizations to treat his condition. His family always keeps a HemCon Patch at hand in the event of strong bleeding that needs fast and efficacious control. We wish Luke all the best, and will continue to follow his story!

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