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Simple to use and simple to apply

"As the Primary Instructor for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course, I personally have trained over 1000 Special Operations soldiers/sailors/airmen on the HemCon dressing before they go over seas in the last 12 months. They all were very impressed and excited on how well it worked on the severe bleeding models that we showed them. In my opinion it is head and shoulders above the gauze we carried to stop bleeding, in fact there is no comparison. Every soldier should have this dressing in their kit when ever they go in harms way. It is simple to use and simple to apply and from the After Action Reviews I have read and the paper LTC (Dr) John McManus has written on its extensive use on the battlefield it has more than proven it's self as a Life Saver."

NCOIC, Tactical Combat Casualty Care

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